Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Turquoise Room Inspirations

The most recent post at Hidden in France almost made me squeal out loud here at my desk. The blog that Corine pointed out, House of Turqouise, is completely decorated to... you guessed it - the color turquoise! Here are a few images that I'm saving for my own personal inspiration as I piece together a room with a color scheme inspired by a dresser that I painted a beautiful color somewhere between turqoise and aqua.

After looking at these pictures and the rest in my folder of inspiration for the room, I've realized there are a few things that I gravitate towards:
  • turquoise
  • chandeliers
  • a light, airy feeling that isn't bare or sparse
  • gold accents
  • ornate details mixed with some modern elements
  • geometric patterns like greek key, lattice, stripes, and quatrefoils
  • travel inspired details like maps, globes, and souvenirs

Are there any certain things that immediately draw you to a room or picture?

1 comment:

  1. I love that blue oven and fridge but i like that old fashion look.