Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Help... Camera Advice!

Okay, I need some help on this one! I recently (and unwillingly) bid my most recent camera goodbye, so now I'm looking for the perfect one to carry me (with any luck) through the next few years. Thus, I'm looking for a camera that takes GREAT PICTURES and is TRAVEL FRIENDLY, since I like to keep my camera with me at almost all times and will be in Europe next spring.

So... I'm considering the Cannon PowerShot SD880 IS, mainly because of what I read on cnet. However, I'm totally open to suggestions. Has anyone used the SD880?

I've also considered the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50, but I'm wondering if it might be too bulky.

Basically, I'm looking to spend at or under $300, and I'd like not necessarily a "pocket" camera, but definitely a medium-large bag/tote camera.

Any advice? Opinions? Personal experience?

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  1. hi blair, in my response on my blog, i said i use a canon 40d, but last year, when i was traveling through europe, my family gave me a canon powershot sd1000, which i was really happy with. hope this helps!