Friday, March 20, 2009

SimplyVera for Kohl’s Spring 2009

Here’s a look at Vera Wang’s spring line for Kohl’s! What do you think? I really love how Vera’s style is reflected in these more causal and definitely more affordable clothes!

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What do you think? Like it or leave it?


  1. LIKE IT.

    Such a great collaboration. Unfortunately, there are no Kohls anywhere near me. Sad.

  2. super cute!! whenever I go to my parents the Vera stuff at Kohls is ALWAYS on sale, so don't buy it full price ! x

  3. LOVE her cloths! I have an obsession with leggings and so does she...she always has at least one model with them on. I wonder if she also makes those white shoes. On my way to look!!
    thanks for the post!!!

  4. I like them, but I think it could use some more color. It's spring, after all!

  5. oh ill have to pop in! theres a store right next to my condo