Thursday, March 12, 2009

I ♥... Felix Rey, and Felix Rey coming to Target

So, I am possibly behind on the news, but I got reeeeallly excited when I opened up the inside cover of the April Lucky and saw the Target ad for Felix Rey. Felix Rey has the best uniquely feminine designs! I love almost every bag, clutch, even key chain, in the collection, but it’s definitely out of my budget at this point in my life.Here are some of my faves from the shop:

Untitled-2 However, Design for All has come to the rescue once again, and is bringing Felix Rey designs into Target stores at much lower prices. Although I love some of the designs for Target, I wish they were more like the satin-y bags and clutches from the collection! Here are a few sneak peeks:


Along the same design lines… here two shoes from the the Miss Trish of Capri line coming to Target on April 5th that I have my eye on…


What do you think? Beautiful? Too themed? Exciting? Disappointing?

All preview pictures from nitro:licious.


  1. yaayyyy!! Felix Ray coming to Target?? I have some of the clutches and they are PERFECT for a night out. Can't wait :-)

  2. I am loving that blue and white wavy clutch.

  3. I love the coral design they've got happening. I am just nervous that such a trend that once I actually get one they'll look "so yesterday."
    But very cute!

  4. Holy moley, I need that swirly clutch.

  5. FYI - I added you to my blogroll. Your blog is awesome!