Monday, March 16, 2009

Mall Report: Numerous Neutrals

So, I spent 4 hours in the mall yesterday… I scored a few really great deals. I really hit the department stores hard, and didn’t spend much time in smaller stores. I’m thinking that’s the ticket if you can handle the scrounging.

I bought this Nine West bag for $30 from Macy’s, although I can’t find it on their website now. It’s filling the spot of the messenger bag that' I’ve been wanting and looking for forever now:


I got a pair of a.n.a. skinny jeans from JC Penny for $21. So far, so good! I really like the fit and the style.

I also saw an I ♥ Ronson terry-like blazer on sale for $30, but can’t find it anywhere online. It’s worth checking out in the store, as well as the Allen B Boyfriend jacket, which has a really nice fit and was on sale for $50. I’m not sure I’m really a fan of the plaid lining that shows when you roll up the sleeves, though. I think I’m still on a a quest for a perfect boyfriend blazer without any sort of lining on the inside.

Fullscreen capture 3152009 14009 PM

I also bought this apostrophe top from Sear’s. I’m glad I tried it on, because they run a little small. The colors also look different from how they are displayed on the website. I got the fossil color, but it’s really a lot lighter and more brownish than it looks online. I love the way it fits and feels, though.

Fullscreen capture 3152009 13630 PM

I also spotted these shoes from Aerosoles: Splurge and Gin Rummy. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but if a shoe is even halfway cute, a heel, and COMFORTABLE, I’m sold. As the sales lady told me, and as I wholeheartedly agree after trying them on, you could stand in these shoes all day long! I hope Aerosoles continues to include even more cute shoes in their collections.

Fullscreen capture 3152009 12646 PM Fullscreen capture 3152009 12649 PM Fullscreen capture 3152009 15233 PM

I think I squealed out loud when I saw the Apostrophe 3 in 1 topper mentioned in this post in the color pink. However, after I felt ridiculous fooling with all the voluminous fabric, buttons and bows in the store, I decided that it wasn’t the spring coat for me. I also realized that I could never get the bow to be as pretty as they have it in the picture. Someone could pull it off, but I think the smirk on the lady windexing the jewelry case answered the question for me.


Finally, although I didn’t see this skirt since we don’t have an Anthropologie (YET!), I am in love:

Fullscreen capture 3132009 70732 PM Fullscreen capture 3132009 70744 PM

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