Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Darjeeling Limited - Movie Inspiration #2

So, I picked The Darjeeling Limited for today's movie. Unfortunately, I've discovered that there are not a whole lot of pictures online from the movie. This may be appropriate, though, because nothing could come close to actually seeing the the movie for yourself. It has a look and feel unlike any other movies. I would describe it as dusty couture with rich colors, patterns, and textures.

Did you know that Wes Anderson (the director) teamed up with Marc Jacobs to create the style for the movie? I thought that was pretty awesome. This article from the New York Observer says this:

In addition to creating courier sacks, trunks, suit bags and valises for the film, Mr. Jacobs outfitted the three Whitman brothers. Drawing from a palette of soft earth tones, pale pastels and a broad range of gray, he bedecked the trio in a more-or-less uniform fashion. In their oxford shirts, pajama tops and bespoke suits, they were dressed a lot like Mr. Anderson himself.
Here are some pictures that I was able to find, and a few screen shots I took from the trailer and YouTube clips. I definitely encourage you to watch the movie if you haven't already seen it... these pictures are nothing compared to what's to be found in the movie.

Here are some Darjeeling-esque pieces...


  1. Oh, those suitcases are just beautiful!!!

  2. I. Love. Those. Sunglasses. Of course they're vintage Dior. Boo.