Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Started the Cupcake Craze

This post is a response to Ana B.’s at on dressing up, which asked the question, “where did this cupcake obsession come from?”

Ana is right, desserts are subject to trends just like anything else. As a matter of fact, the New York Times ran an article today about the newest dessert trend, the whoopie pie, which the NYT describes as “a cake-like sandwich, or perhaps a sandwich-like cake.” Either way, the whoopie pie is rising up in the ranks of desserts, spreading out from its original home in Maine across the country.

18whoopie_600 So here’s the answer to the cupcake question:

Last fall, they [whoopies] even cracked the lineup at Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan, which helped turn cupcakes into a national craze thanks to the bakery’s exposure on “Sex and the City.”

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Although whoopie pies look delicious… I just can’t see them being the next fashionable dessert like cupcakes are!


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What do you think? Are whoopie pies the next cupcake?

Photos from the NYT, YouTube, flickr, and flickr.


  1. O! How sweet. We have something similar to whoopie cakes here. They're smaller and they're either ginger flavoured or chocolate. They're called ginger kisses or chocolate kisses.

    I've passed a tag and an award on to you, lovely.

  2. hello, I came across your blog via ondressingup, I love it.

    To answer your question, I can't see those whoopie pies taking off. The thing about cupcakes is that all the decoration is on top so you can make them look so different, but the sandwhich stucture of the WP means that the outside will always be relatively plain. They do look yum though!

  3. are whoopie pies the same as moon pies? i should know this, right?
    love all things sweet so I say yes...

  4. Naticakes in Franklin, Tennessee looks so cute and the cupcakes soooo yummy. I want to go there!