Sunday, March 8, 2009

Inexpensive Spring Skirts! ... from Walmart?

So... I was in Walmart yesterday to pick up a few things before a family event, and this skirt caught my eye. I can't remember the last time I bought clothes at Walmart, but I think I'll be popping into the clothes section occasionally from now on! Now... I'm definitely not guaranteeing that these articles of clothing will last for season after season, but I will say that the ones that I saw in the store definitely didn't scream "Walmart purchase!", and for under $20 for everything, why not?

So... here is the skirt that I bought. It actually looks cuter in the store than in this picture. I bought the khaki-colored one, but I'm thinking of exchanging it for the navy....what do you think?

I also saw this dress, which I don't really think is amazing enough to just wear by itself, but could definitely look cute under a light jacket or sweater.

I only saw this skirt and this jacket online, but I think I might keep an eye out for them...

Have any of you ever found a gem at Walmart?


  1. Very cute things! I have a hard time pulling off skirts but that gingham skirt is adorable. And that ruffled jacket...too cute! I'm going to send you a link for one of the cutest jackets at Target for $11.00. Amazing!

  2. So what do you do instead of skirts... pants? dresses? And definitely share the link!

  3. ooops...tried to send the link to your email but it got bounced back. let me try again...

  4. great finds! I LOVE that gingham skirt from the norma kamali collection, might have to order it online :)